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The Mount Phousi

Laotians often say: “If you do not arrive at Mount Phousi, you do not yet arrive in Luang Prabang”.

Mount Phousi means “Mount Luminous”, which is actually a small hill located right in the city centre, in front of the Royal Palace and next to Sisavang Vong. The “mountain” is 1000mts long, 250mts wide and 80mts high. From the floor of the mountain one must cross over 300 brick steps, there are places to make stops along the climb; and at one you can see a snowbell that was offered to Laos in the year 2500 of the Buddhist era, by the Indian Government. As Mt Phousi is the highest elevation in Luang Prabang it is an ideal place to get an overview of the township, especially at sunset or early in the morning at sunrise when the view is really beautiful. On the climb you will see hundreds of frangipani (Champa flowers) whose fragrant flowers give the mountain a lovely smell. On its peak there is a small yellow tower named Chom Si, and beside it is a room with a Buddha statue, for practicing Buddhism, that weighs 50 kgms.

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