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If you like peacefulness or adventure, Laos would be the ideal holiday destination for you. Laos is unique land-locked country in Southeast Asia. But Mother Nature has compensated it in small ways by bestowing on it magnificent mountain ranges, immense forests, plethora of river systems. The Mekong River runs through whole country from North to South. The population of Laos is a very warm, friendly and welcoming, that celebrate different festivals a year (both local and national). No matter where you go, you can join in the celebrations with them. Laos is famous as a Buddhist country with a lot of pagodas and temples throughout its lands. Visitors also fall in love its typical and delicious cuisine.

  • Location: 237,955 km2, bordered by 5 countries: Myanmar & China (Northwest),Vietnam (East), Cambodia (southwest) and Thailan (west and southwest)
  • Capital and largest city: Vientaine
  • Official language: Laos       
  • Spoken languages: Laos, Hmong, Khmu, French
  • Ethnic Groups: ~53,2% Lao, ~11%Khmu, ~9.2% Hmong, and others (Tai, Makong, Katang, Lue, Akha…)
  • Religions: Buddhism, Christianity, others
  • Calling code: +856
  • Currency: KIP (LAK)

Exotic Laos Travel would like to invite you to come and enjoy unforgettable experiences in Laos, “in the land of 1000 Elephants

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NORTHERN LAOS 6 Days 5 Nights
For this trip, your family will discover highlights of northern Laos while travelling from Vientiane to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. The mystery Laos is charming and impressive temples, rivers, caves...
Price $721.00
Beauty of Laos
During 7 days 6 nights, our local guides will bring you to all highlights destinations from north to south of Laos. You will visit beautiful landscape and meet lovely local people in Laos.
Price $928.00
Culture and Cuisine in Luang Prabang
This short tour is built for people who love charming Luang Prabang, a beautiful city located in tranquil dream-like setting with a fusion of foreign influences and splendid scenery. It is no wonder t...
Price $354.00
Vientiane - Luang Prabang Stop-over
This package 4 days 3 nights is designed for stop-over in current and ancient capital of Laos: Vientiane and Luang Prabang
Price $419.00
Northern Laos Express
This classic tour is for tourists who dispose short stay in Laos. Discovering all main buddism temples, natural caves and spectaculor waterfall in northern from Luang Prabang to Vientiane.
Price $644.00
Others ways to Laos Tour 9 days
This is an example tour in Laos with arrival from Thailan border down to Luang Prabang. From border gate Houeixay, you enjoy a relaxing cruise down streams to Pakbeng. Then, you transfer on mountainou...
Price $1,469.00
First Steps in Laos Tour 5 days
Discovering Vientiane city as current capital and historical Luang Prabang town as ancient capital of Laos during 5 days, you will realize the similarities and the differences in these 2 destinations.
Price $639.00
Authentic Luang Prabang 6 days
Different to a classic program, Authentic Luang Prabang Tour is an other way to explore Luang Prabang. Sightseeings are combined with many activities such as cycling city tour, driving scooter to elep...
Price $641.00
Full Day City Tour In Luang Prabang
Enjoy a full day to visit all highlights of charming town Luang Prabang. By exploring all photographed temples and museum, you will learn about rich tradition and culture of Laos.
Price $103.00
Highlights of Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang, the cultural capital of Laos, lures travellers with its charming downtown streets and glittering pagodas. Go beyond this and discover a kaleidoscope of colourful hill tribes, stunning n...
Price $381.00
Mystery of Luang Prabang Tour 3 days
3 days 2 nights tour is designed for your short stay in Laos. By visiting the ancien temples, buddha cave, you will be immersed in a town deeply tied to tradition, religion and enchanted by the gentle...
Price $288.00

Dear Valuable Clients,

As a local travel agency in Laos, we are proud to be your faithful companion.

Our offers are definitely based on:

- Local Tour Price: Every single service’s cost is competitive and locally based.
- Local Services: Every season, our Team does inspections and select qualified services to propose to our clients.
- Local Travel Style: Our Programs are all authentic, by focusing on history, culture, landscape and the local's life in Laos.
- Local Advisor: We are knowledgeable about home-land and being patient, helpful, and informative and will seek to answer any questions our clients have, (even if we have to ask a local for information). We work as a team and delight in inspiring you in your travel plans. We also accompany you during your stay in Laos.

Exotic Laos Travel would like to welcome you very soon in Laos!

Don’t hesitate do contact us at any time!

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Amazing Nothern of Laos - July 1 To July 5 - 2018

I’ve just got back from my solo trip to amazing Nothern of Laos and I was very pleasantly suprised at how personalized an organized tour could be. Thanks to your agency! I found Laos as an authentic, nonchalant and beautiful country with a nice, happy, warm and friendly lcoal people. I cannot say enough good things about...

John Whipple

Every minutes were enjoyable - June 14 To June 19 - 2018

An awesome week exploring the whole of Laos with my family! This was our first visit to Laos and everything, every minutes were enjoyable! We also appreciated your backup support when there were weather problems in Vang Vieng. Finally we would gladly recommend Exotic Laos Travel to our friends.


Amazing services - Luang Prabang - April 23 To April 29 - 2018

Dear Ms Dokmai,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for this wonderful trip to Luang Prabang. It has been nothing short of an amazing adventure to the insights of the food and culture of the Lao people.

The services rendered were explicitly detailed orientated to our needs and there wasn't a time when Ms Dokmai was not in assistance . She p...

Lai Wan , Iris and Kevin

Remarkable 14 days Tour in Laos - April 4 To April 29 - 2018

I and my wife had the most remarkable 14 days tour from North to South with Exotic Laos Travel. We would like to thank your team for their efforts in organizing a great blend of natural, culture and local experience, adjusted perfectly for us. All our guides were excellent, especially Mr K.Keo. His knowledge, enthusiasm ...

Mr and Mrs DEAN

Popular destinations

Popular destinations

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Picture for category New House Ceremony

New House Ceremony

Laos is rich in tradition and customs, which involves many significant ceremonies related to religion and belief. House warming is one of those beliefs, which has become a part of their life and been ...
Picture for category Climate in Laos

Climate in Laos

Laos is a small, landlocked, mountainous country, covered with dense forests. Its climate is tropical in most of parts, and isdivided into two distinct seasons in a year: dry season and wet season.
Picture for category Laos Foods

Laos Foods

To make your trip in Laos memorable, don't miss out Laos foods. Steamed sticky rice is a staple during meals of Laos people, which is considered the essence of what it means to be Lao. Sticky rice is ...
Picture for category Sinh -  Glamorous traditional costume of Lao women

Sinh - Glamorous traditional costume of Lao women

The traditional costume of Lao women is called "Sinh". This glamorous Sinh distinguish the nature of different ethnic groups and reflect their sense of art and richness of their spiritual life. The Si...
Picture for category Bacci ceremony in Laos

Bacci ceremony in Laos

The Bacci Ceremony is an ancient belief and has become a national custom of Laos, passed on from generation to generation. The observance of Bacci as a spiritual ceremonial event that was prevalent in...
Picture for category Wedding in Laos

Wedding in Laos

Laos is a small country with many diverse ethnics and sub minorities groups, each with their own unique traditional customs and spoken languages. The wedding party is a major and most significant for...