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Vang Vieng

The Laotians will immediately think of Vang Vieng by mentioning the Vientiane province. Although it is just a small town, it fascinates a large number of tourists every year because it is considered as a charming and tranquil paradise with several beautiful mountains and caves.

Located about 150 km north of the capital Vientiane, this small town is surrounded by limestone mountains and the Nam Song River. As the climate is quite cool, it is therefore an ideal destination for tourists throughout the world during their trip to Laos. In addition, Vang Vien is also ideal for backpacking travel since there are plenty of places and restaurants that fit this type of travel. The number of the people here is rather small in comparison with its area. This is why you will find Vang Vieng spacious and quiet.

This city leans against the mountain and in front of the Nam Song River. You could not find here modern buildings or tourist resorts or wide asphalt roads but this city is always appreciated by tourists. There are even people who are too fond of this place and decided to stay there for a long time thanks to its simple beauty.

Despite its tranquility, you can also try adventure sports on the Nam Song River, for example: kayaking, bungee jumping, tubing (lying on the tube and letting it pass freely according to its current), etc.

Besides that, trekking and flying in hot air balloons are also of interest to tourists. The small bungalows are surrounded by trees and are set along the Nam Song River. They are simple but charming. As for the caves, the cave of Tham Jang is very well known in the world thanks to its beauty. Just 2 km from Vang Vieng, you can go there in tuk tuk (about 20000 LAK). The entrance ticket is 10000 LAK. This cave is quite mysterious with a lot of diverse and strange stalactite inside.

Furthermore, if you want to taste some dishes made of fruits on the farm, please come to the organic farm (about 3 km from Vang Vieng). The inhabitants here plant many mulberry trees and raise goats. Its specialty is therefore the fried goat cheese which is very delicious. The service here is quite complete.

The Vang Vieng market sells a lot of original food and animal meat, for example: squirrel, mouse, bat, etc. When night falls, tourists can sit beside the Nam Song River to contemplate the sunset then walk along the street or buy souvenirs in the shops.

Some information below may be useful:

• It takes about 4 hours to get to Vang Vieng from the Vientiane capital by car.

• The price of hostels with breakfast are quite affordable

• It takes about 15,000 - 20000 LAK to rent a bike in Vang Vieng

• As the climate is tropical, you must take with you insect repellent cream

• Do not forget to bring your swimwears if you want to swim or go  tubing

  • Vang Vieng

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