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When you are planning a trip to Laos, don’t forget to include Oudomxay as one of the most authentic travel destinations in the north of the country that you should not miss.

Oudomxay province is located at the crossroads between Laos and China. About 4 hour drive from Luang Prabang and 1 hour by plane from the capital of Vientiane, most foreign tourists visit this province for its beautiful natural features and its cultural treasures that can only be found in here.

As a region inhabited by ethnic minorities, Oudomxay has about 23 ethnic groups, mainly the Khamu, Hmong and Akhas. Each has its own language, way of living, customs and traditional culture. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to discover the daily life of each ethnic group, so do not hesitate to explore surrounding villages, namely:

- Kokmaiyai, a village where the Akhas live. They are a minority ethnic group originating from southern China and also well-known in Oudomxay. When visiting the Kokmaiyai, you can take a walk by observing their lifestyle as well as participate in the daily activities of the villagers.

- Ban Chom Ong is a village of Khamu, located 45 km from Muang Xay - the city of Oudomxay. This village is still spared by modern influences such as electricity, phone lines, so you’ll have the opportunity to refresh yourself, to contemplate the picturesque beauty of green rice fields and especially to experiment a truly authentic life of the people here. From Ban Chom Ong, you can continue to go to Chom Ong Cave, the largest cave in the north of the country.

- And plenty of other villages where you could discover by yourself.

Being the administrative center of Oudomxay, Muang Xay is the largest city in northern Laos as well as the trading center with China. Take a leisurely stroll through the city to visit local markets where ethnic minority craft products are sold, enjoy Laotian gastronomy and go to discover by yourself all the unexplored treasures of this adventure land. Once you stop here, it is definitely worth to explore the pearls nestled in its surroundings such as Nam Kat waterfalls, the Chom Ong cave, That Phouxaya, the ancient Buddha Singkham cave,...

Whatever your destination in Laos, do not forget to take your precious time to the province of Oudomxay where many attractions await to marvel you with their authentic beauties.

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