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Phong Saly

Phongsali Province is a wonderful place to visit for adventure and is found in the Northern extremities of Laos in a much cooler climate zone than a lot of Laos, and many travelers use the province as a step into or a step out of Laos as it hares a border with China (Yunnan) to the North-West and Dien Bien Phu (Vietnam) to the East; Oudomxay is South-West and Luang Prabang to the South. It covers 16,270sqare kilometers and most are forested mountains. There are many different ethnic minority people live in the province, all with differing language and cultural beliefs. There are many activities, adventures and attractions to partake in whilst visiting Phongsali Province a number are listed below:

- Take an excursion to the Green Tea Farm, well known as it has been there for over 1,000 years and the tea produced here has spread over Laos, and is exported to neighboring countries.
- Visit the Ethnic Museum in the capital of the province, Phongsali, to learn about the ethnic tribes in the area.
- Trekking and camping has become very popular in this region, with many wonderful experiences with the local people, and touching real nature at the same time.
- Spend a night in Muang Khua, a small town on the banks of a river, a serene and beautiful place.
- Take the cruise from Muang Khua to Nong Khiew (or visa-versa) via the Nam Ou River. It is an unforgettable journey, with dramatic gorges and lush vegetation on the river banks, Now there is an Electricity dam which is passed by taking a tuk-tuk ride across the site, and continue on the cruise!

If you are planning to visit Laos, make sure you put this Province of Phongsali on your program or you will miss out on all its beauty of the people and its vegetation.

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