Exotic Laos Travel

Terms and Conditions

Exotic Laos Travel would like you to read, understand and accept our following booking terms and conditions:

1.Tour price validity and bookings reservation:
- Our tour prices are calculated in USD (dollars American) unless other indicated, based on services prices applied during your travelling period. We guarantees the validity of our prices provided to our customers.
- Once you confirm your tour, you should send your confirmation by email to Exotic Laos Travel. Our team will acknowledges your confirmation by replying to your email, and ask you to send related information on which we use to book services. Terms and conditions are applicable from the date of booking, on which Exotic Laos Travel confirms the reservation in writing.

2. Payment:
Deposit and balance:
- Deposit: Upon confirmation of the tour, we issue invoice and require a deposit 25% of total land tour price + 100% of total flight price (if included in program). For the trip including hotels or boat cruise 4*-5*, we will ask 30% of total land tour price + 100% of total flight price (if included in program) as deposit. Exotic Laos carries out reservations once we receive the deposit. We confirm booking status to customers within 7 days by email.
- Balance: Clients must pay the balance of tour price on first day of tour (on arrival in Laos). Exotic Laos Travel reserves the right to cancel services, without refunding the deposit in case that clients don’t respect the payment deadline without agreement of Exotic Laos Travel beforehand.
- Invoice & receipt: Exotic Laos Travel confirms by email upon receiving the deposit. From the payment amount of deposit, we issue receipt for balance amount and send to client before or upon client’s arrival by email or by hand at Exotic Laos Travel office.

Payment method:
- Our tour prices are calculated in USD ( American dollars). In case that clients prefer to pay in Euro or LAK (kip), Exotic Laos Travel will apply the current exchange rate of local bank BCE on the day of payment by referring to the site: http://www.bcel.com.la/bcel/calculator.html?lang=en

- Clients choose among below payment methods:

+ For deposit:
++ Bank transfer to our bank account in Vietnam or in Laos. Bank fees are in charge of clients
++Secured online payment by credit card (3% of total amount for bank fees is applied)

+ For Balance:
++Bank transfer 10-14 days before arrival to our bank account in Vietnam or in Laos. Bank fees are in charge of clients
++ Secured online payment by credit card (3% of total amount as bank fee is applied) 10-14 days before arrival
++ Cash paid in office of Exotic Laos Travel without fee

Any change in term of program, date, services… by customers must be informed to Exotic Laos Travel as soon as possible to amend reservations accordingly.
During your tour, modifying the program is possible but based on the availabilities of services. And due to the changes, clients have to pay surcharge for any service or visit out of confirmed program.

All Cancellations of reservation are required in writing. Exotic Laos Travel do our best to minimize the cancellation fees, but we also have to respect the cancellation policy of each service supplier.
- Hotels: All cancellation for hotels will be based on our business contract rate including terms and conditions (most of hotels cancellations without charge is between 32-45 days)
- All cancellation for language speaking guide within 20 days will be applied @ 50% of total cost
- All cancellation for other services like entrance fees, meals, it is free of charged if the cancellation is made within 7 days.

5.Travel insurance:
Exotic Laos Travel does not include travel insurance in our tour package. We highly recommend you to have travel insurance contracted in your home country. The coverage should be for trip cancellation, loss of deposit, baggage, personal accident, injury, illness, etc. Exotic Laos Travel may have to ask the Clients to send us their certificate of insurance and assistance after they confirm tour with us.