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Car Rental in Laos

Laos Road conditions:

Laos is a small, beautiful, and mountainous country. It is very peaceful country, with lots of activities and things to discover for travelers. Taking a road trip is a best option to meet the inhabitants and to explore its authenticity. The roads are quite sloppy and curving, especially in its Northern provinces and during the wet season, but most of the main routes to tourist attractions and within the cities are paved roads in excellent condition.

Exotic travel Lao offers not only the best tours, but also many options to suite your business or to make your holidays in Laos most memorable. We have different types of cars/vans in our latest offerings for rent, to suite big or, small groups and for families.

 “Hire a car/van with private local driver to explore Laos yourselves is an amazing experience”

1.Our vehicles are common brand names such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford ….all our cars are relatively new, that is, within a few years of age, and are meticulously maintained in good condition, with all functions. that they came out with.

+ Groups of 4 or less passengers: can use a car designed for 4 people. A Toyota or Ford Ranger, or a Toyota Camry originally designed with 5 seats.

+ Group of 5 – 8 passengers: For comfort may use an 8 seat or a 15 seat Toyota Hiache. Noted that as being UNESCO town, the big vehicle (over 15s) is not allowed to enter in town of Luang Prabang.

+ Group of 9 – 15 passengers: can use a 25 seater Toyota Coaster our Huyndai County, for your comfort.

+ Group of 16 – 25 passengers: can use a 35 seats Hyundai Airotown 

+ Group of 26 - 40 passengers: can use a 45 seats Huyndai Univer

2.Our drivers: You will always feel safe and comfortable while using our services as our drivers are well trained, friendly, expert in road rules and routes and have good interpersonal skills. They are not only drivers, but always act as an assistant, ready to assist you in any matter that may arise. Our sale teams are always available for support during your rental trip.

Special note:
-To make your trip more interesting, and to fill you full of information during your stay, we strongly recommend hiring tour guide for your journey.

-Self drive in Laos is allowed for travelers who have a valid International and a local driving license. We recommend to travel with local driver to be safe due to moutainous road.