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Useful Lao phrases for Travelers

Useful Lao phrases for Travelers

If you’re planning on visiting in Laos or any other country in the world, it’s very good to know the basic words and phrases of the language spoken there. As you know, Laotian language is a lot like Thai and people from both countries can understand each other quite easily. If you come to Laos from other countries, here’s a list of some travel phrases that are useful to know before immersing yourself in this Land of Million Elephants.                   

Basic Lao phrases for greeting

  1. Hello – Sa bai dee
  2. How are you? – Jao sabaidee baw?
  3. I’m fine– Khoy sa bai dee
  4. Thank you – Khop Jai or Khop Chai
  5. What’s your name? – Chao seu gnang?
  6. My name is… – Khoy seu…
  7. You’re welcome – Than nyinditonhab
  8. I’m pleased to meet you – Khoy dee chai lai thee dai phob chao
  9. Yes – Doi
  10. No – Baw
  11. Excuse me – Khaw Toot
  12. I don’t understand – Khoy Baw Khao Jai 
  13. Good luck! – Sok Dee!
  14. Goodbye! – La Gon
  15. Have a nice day! – Mi van thidi  

Essential Lao phrases to order food

  1. I would like… – Khoi yak…
  2. Not spicy or A little spicy – Baw Pet or Pet Noy Nung
  3. No sugar – Baw Sai Nam Tan
  4. I am vegetarian – Khaphachao vegetarian pen
  5. I am allergic – Khaphachao koedoakan aeph
  6. Water – Nam
  7. Beer – Bia Lao
  8. Bon appetite– Soen saeb
  9. Delicious – Sep
  10. The bill, please – Chèk bin, kalounaa 

Laos phrase for getting around the area or taking a taxi

  1. I would like to go to… – Diak…
  2. Turn Left/ Turn Right – Leo Sai/ Leo Kua
  3. Go/ Stop – Pai/ Yuut
  4. I would like to rent … – Khaphachao tongkan thichahai seoa…
  5. Motorbike/ Car/ Bike – Lot chak/ Lot keng/ Lot thiip 

Useful Laos phrase for shopping

  1. How much does this cost? – Laka tao dai?
  2. That’s expensive! – Phaeng lai lai
  3. Can you lower the price? – Lud dai baw?


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