Exotic Laos Travel

How to reach Laos

Laos is landlocked country in Indochina pillar, surrounded by it five neighboring countries. It best location, make it great destination linking your trip in South East Asia countries. Laos can be checked in at any of it immigrations by land tour and either by flight for those who has limited times or want to visit it highlights.

1. By Air:

Laos is recently developed it airports in major provinces across the country, especially the tourism attraction provinces has been upgraded the airports and it services to be modern and meet to the need of tourists and Lao Airline is it International airline and operate most domestic and International routes. Wattay International airport, Luang Prabang International airport and Pakse airport are the most popular routes, which operate flights to other Asians countries.

Wattay International airport in Vientiane: is biggest International airport, in Vientiane capital. Operates daily domestic flights to provinces and international direct flights from – to many Asian countries, which make your trip to Laos more easier and faster such as; Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and South Korea……..

Luang Prabang International airport: Due to the growth of tourists, Luang Prabang airport has extended more new routes not only domestic but from - to neighbor countries as well; Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Pakse airport: tourists can visit this Second UNESCO heritage of Laos by land tour from Vientiane, Thailand and Cambodia. However, to visit this site via flight is become very popular and safe more times, there are direct domestic and International flights from – to: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Thailand and Cambodia.

2. By road: Road travel in Laos remains very undeveloped, with very few main roads. Most roads around the main cities are surfaced elsewhere they are not and a journey of 200kms could take from 10 to 18 hours to complete. Our cars and drivers in each country are carefully chosen for experience and reliability. When calculating journey times you should allow for an average speed of 40kms per hour but reducing to 25-30kms in hill-country.

3. By Train: There is currently no rail network in Laos.